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You will be able to promote your business, document your travels and tell your stories in a matter of hours!

Our Mobile Videomaking course isn’t just a series of tips, but an actual experience for our students. You’ll also gain access to our private Facebook group where you can share videos, give and receive feedback, and begin collaborations and experiences.

Do you want to learn videomaking theory and techniques and you want to discover the secrets of smartphone videomaking?

Do you need content to boost your reach on social media?

Would you like to communicate effectively to build customer loyalty and expand your network?

Do you want to learn how to edit your travel footage into powerful stories of adventure?

Do you want to capture the most special moments of your life and re-package them into priceless audio-visual memories?

Do you need to teach remotely and create online classes?

Do you want to do all this and more with a device which is right there in your pocket?

Do you want to make money with your smartphone?

Do you wish you could promote your business with eye-catching content without spending a fortune?

Are you a real estate owner or Airbnb user in need of effective promotional content to market your property?

Shot with our smartphone


The right movements, composition, tips, techniques and secrets to create videos that looks like a Hollywood blockbuster.

Editing and Sharing

It ain’t much use if it’s sitting in your gallery. Learn how to edit your footage quickly and efficiently, both with your smartphone and with your computer.

Video Marketing

Video production without marketing skills is like a movie theatre without a screen. A masterpiece is no use if no one's there to see it!

Downloadable Resources

Get your folders in order, ‘cause you’re going to be doing some downloading: sound effects, LUTs, contract drafts, press and video release, and much more.



Meet the team of Travel Film School

Travel Film School is the first Italian online platform to offer online training for documentary work, travel filmmaking, video editing and sound design. It was first created by Ludovico de Maistre, producer and founder of Travel Media House, a documentary production company which has produced over 80 travel videos and documentaries in the past 5 years for brands and broadcasts. Today the school is made up of 14 courses, and more than 300 hours of content. Over 25,000 students have enrolled in the Italian version of our Mobile Videomaking course. Travel Film School has quickly become a benchmark in Italy for anyone wishing to learn everything about indie video production, video storytelling and video marketing.

When you sign up, you gain access to a private Facebook community of mobile videomakers, eager to share work, ideas and feedback.

Everyone needs a team to thrive, and today you’ve found yours. We’ve already created the biggest community of mobile videomakers in Italy. Now, you can be one of the first to join the soon-to-be biggest in the world.

Simone Andreello / Mobile Videomaking @ Travel Film School

Unbelievable value and content

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on video courses over the years knowing that it’s a skill I want to develop to create better and more engaging content on social media for my business. Every time I was left with more confusion and all but gave up on the possibility that I would ever be able to do it.

If you’re thinking that maybe someday, you might want to learn anything about editing videos, then pay the 10 Euros, you won’t regret it.

M. Wilker

Super Helpful Video Making Advice For Beginners

Really useful course on video technology and advice on video making. The content is appropriate and the delivery of information is informative and easy to digest, helping to stay focused during the course videos. The course easily over delivered on my expectation of what I would learn from the program. I would definitely recommend this course to beginner and novice film makers.

John B.

Everything you need to know is here!

Awesome ultimate course on filmmaking from general framework to craft to marketing! The course surprised my expectations as well. More value created than the price asked for. Thank you, creators, for creating such a great course!

A. A. Fanasy

Amazing timesaver, Super valuable!

We all carry these amazing devices around with us in our pockets... Content.. and specifically video are so powerful. This course will show you how to harness the power of what you have and make it work for you now. Mobile Videomaking was the best $19 I have spent all year! If you product content using your phone, get this deal!

Chris Oviond


Genuinely great course, fun and informative, actually better than I thought. I recommend.

The content is packed with value, concise and to the point. You get an over-the-shoulder walk-through on editing you movie so you can actually use the recommended app/program for that.

They don’t just give you definitions of different shots but show you what they look like, and how to make them yourself.

They give you tons of suggestions at different price points for making your mobile videos and even show you how to use some of them.

This really only scratches the surface of what’s inside the course.

If I had paid $1000 for this course, I would have been overjoyed with the value and still referred everyone I know that is looking for video editing instructions to it.

Simon A.

Awesome...for both geeks and beginners

The course includes the basic principles, lots of practical tips and the possibility to interact directly with great professionals and with a community of enthusiasts and passionate video-makers. Strongly recommended!

A. Sot


Who is Matt Gorelli

Hey there!

I’ve been writing scripts, directing, editing and acting since my high school years.

The first couple of thriller-comedy short films I made back in 2010 were filmed with an iPod Touch, so it turns out I’ve been Mobile Videomaking all along.

Countless short films, two documentaries and one Film & TV Production degree later, in 2017 I won Best Short Documentary at Glocal Film Festival for my documentary on schizophrenic street artist “Cosimo”, now live on Amazon Prime Video.

After an internship as Assistant Editor at a documentary production company and a couple years of freelance work as Videomaker, I began working with Travel Media House, where I’ve been filmmaking, narrating a TV series and, recently, creating our brand new Mobile Videomaking course.

Some of the best choices I’ve made so far in my career have been taking time to improve my skills and joining a team of talented and awesome people (Travel Media House), and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing by enrolling in Mobile Videomaking, thanks to our intensive and constantly updated learning program, and thanks to our ever-growing Facebook community where you can share results, get feedback and begin solid collaborations.

Looking forward to seeing your results!

This is the online course you need if you need to create promotional, travel, vlog, documentary, real estate, food, fitness videos with your smartphone


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